We can provide you with all the necessary information on the many different sports available in the area and how to book.
We have one of the best beaches on the Cantabrian coast for surfing all year round, with specialist schools for all levels.
For those who prefer something less demanding, other water sports that can be practiced in the area include canoeing, diving or yachting.
Book a ride at the Sopelana paragliding club to enjoy marvellous views of the sea and the cliffs.
An enjoyable hack out on horseback at any of the nearby stables or riding schools is another option for making your stay here an unforgettable one.
The cliffs are suitable for rambling and mountain biking, with access to the adjoining beaches.
For those who prefer the mountain air, then the surrounding hills offer you everything you could desire, there is even the option of rock climbing up the mythical summits.